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There was so much litter, I couldn't see things well enough to steal any of your processes. My boss will be so disappointed.


I guess the question is, should we let anyone see "beyond the veil," or not let them see anything beyond the front counter/customer service area?

Anytime I've shown people around the shop I feel sick afterwards, first, for wasting my time ..... second, for wasting theirs (they had no clue what they were looking at) ...... and third, for the reason stated above, our processes being snatched up by greedy competitors ..... oh, wait a minute!!!!! I think I may guilty of this in other printer's shops!!!! Yikes!


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On the other hand, toured a spotless shop a couple of years ago. Walked away wondering if they actually do anything........................


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A shop tour can be a good thing when dealing with clients who know what they are doing or do more then what you do for them. More then a few times I have heard "oh did not know you can do that" and has led to some new orders. Not all the time of course, majority have zero clue and seem to comment more about the smell of ink then anything else. I of course ask them what smell?

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