Thoughts on Xerox Versant 3100 ??

Streaking has been fixed on the 3100 by replacing the ( 2nd BTR ). seems its a consumable by running all sorts of stocks it wears pretty easily, the streaks appear on the roller and get transfered to the sheet. looks good
Our experience with the 3100 is just about opposite of Soggy's.

We love our machine. We have just over 4 million clicks on it and it runs like a champ. We actually moved over to this machine from a 1000i also. I think the colors are better on this machine, and the finishing options are a lot better without having to upgrade to the Plock. We can run full bleed booklets inline at a sheet or 2 under rated speed. Its a huge improvement over the 1000i in that case.

I think the best features of the machine are the inline finishing for us. If you don't inline finish, then its not that big of a deal for you. I guess the biggest downside of the machine would be the drums X sends out are junk. Im constantly replacing them. Its not a big deal, takes 30 seconds, but it makes me want to watch the prints just a little more than I should have to incase a drum starts failing.

We don't ever have any jamming unless something like a gear or belt is at EOL. We run a lot of 50# text and it runs like a champ. Haven't had a brand that wouldn't run. But we do run a lot of 80# gloss text and cover. never a problem. All of our business cards are on 16pt Carolina/tango. Don't know if Ive ever experienced a jam on it.

With the Full Width Array, we have never had a sheet that wouldn't be in registration after it did its thing. Machine prints 10 sheets and the last sheet is in perfect registration. Takes about 1 minute for it to run everything.

I wouldn't think you could get sub .03 with this machine. Im going to say sub .04 would be a good click.

Thats pretty much everything I can think of off the top of my head.
Have you used the tray 5 , ours is not printing correctly , it starts at 1" on the lead edge and curves into 1" and 1/8.
have yall ran into this issue?
This is running a 13 x 26 sheet

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