Trendsetter 800 Quantum Plating Issue?


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I'm not sure if this is the right section or where this problem is originating.

Having problems plating a single side of a form. The first side plated fine. The second side is another story. The job is submitted to the Trendsetter and the plate is loaded then the Trendsetter will just ilde and not load the plat onto the cylinder and just hang for minutes until the job is cancelled.

I'm not sure if this originating from the file that is going to be plated. There is a lot of transparency in it and I'm not sure if that is affecting it somehow.

Anyone have a similar issue? Any suggestions?


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Re: Trendsetter 800 Quantum Plating Issue?

Is this a 1 bit tiff?

Can you view the file in a 1 bit viewer?

is it LW/CT?

What are you driving the trendsetter from?


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Re: Trendsetter 800 Quantum Plating Issue?

Sorry, I' m still a newb to a lot of things and learning everyday.

Its on a Prinergy workflow. It was originally refined as a PDF in Prinergy.

No 1bit TIFFs. Just a vector background (placed Illustrator image) Some 4C images and text.

The only thing I could think of is that it is the transparency that is giving it a hard time.

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Re: Trendsetter 800 Quantum Plating Issue?

You may be correct your file may be hanging the job from plating. Epecially if it does have transparencies and if your file is repeated many time on the sheet. What you can do is just waif for the job to RIP. Or you can send individual separations. They still might take alittle longer then normal but they should go. I have seen some seps take as long as 1/2 an hour to RIP before it reaches the Trensetter. We were using very old hardware box at the time.


Re: Trendsetter 800 Quantum Plating Issue?

Does it have the same file name. I know in the past we have had issues with a job not showing up if the file name is the same. By plating or deleting the first set with the same name others will then follow.

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