Trendsetter - Unload Table Stuck


CREO Trendsetter NEWS 2637 Autoloader

All of a sudden the unload table is not working properly. The plates image fine, and exit to the unload table. The table goes down and the cups push the plate into the processor. But the table will not reset and automatically go back up. Just started doing it. Eventually it will time out and produce an error... "Autoloader: Plate still on unload table, can't reload". Obviously, there is no plate on the table.

I am able to command line "table up" and it goes up just fine and continues making plates. If I put the table up immediately after plate exits the table, there is no error. So it's not mechanical, but likely a sensor.

I've tried adjusting NVS configurations on sensors that might be related, but must not be finding the correct one.

Any ideas???


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    TABLE status.jpg
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