True Registration from Spot


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What I want to do:

Create a spot color called CROSSHAIRS
I will then make a plus sign on my envelope die using the color CROSSHAIRS.
If the job goes digital I will run an EAL that removes anything using the color CROSSHAIRS
BUT, if the job goes Flexographic, I want to change CROSSHAIRS to pure registration.
I know I can make it become 100 CMYK - but can I make it become true registration and get
the PMS that is in this job but not in the last job?


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Before you start running the remove of all Crosshair objects copy one of them.
After remove all objects place it from the clipboard somewhere it do not disturb (or set it on overprint) and set stroke/filling to 0%.
If you do not find how to change what you want into separation color (mode) „All“, copy another „All“-colored object from another file…
Do not forget to save the file after the single steps.
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