UltraStream 2000 ( 3000 series ) + supplies for sale


New member
Hello to everyone,

I have folowing Indigo for sale.
Is a good working machine, and it was used mainly for pvc print.
Machine can be sold as spare parts olso.
Link for pictures of press here:
Press.rar and 1 more file

Folowing parts and supplies are availabile.
NEW laser
2 extra electonic board for laser
NEW SCSI drives, NEW SCSI cable and power sourse
Extra UNICORN board
Extra boards
6 grid set
3 stop station solenoids
5 new shaft
1 Xrite
2 PIP Underlayer
1 JIG for change PIP underlayer
16 cleaning station wiper
1L HP Imaging agent
1 cleaning station motor
1 motor brushes set
1 blanket heat temp controler
3 clamp gripper set
2 air filters
1 motor
2 retransfer paper set
11 black cans
8 magenta cans
7 cyan cans
5 yellow cans
1 cyan calibration can
1 magenta calibration can
1 black calibration can

Any questions please on email.

Kind Regards

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