Unhappy Returns


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Don't remind me.
First, the proof didn't match their screen.
And they 'helpfully' provided a picture of the proof next to their screen.
Then the proof didn't match their inkjet.
And they 'helpfully' provided a copy from their inkjet.
After matching said inkjet they decided it 'didn't look the same.'
You can't make this stuff up.
Turns out the whole reason for the attempt was because the inkjet per print cost was thought to be too high.
Never placed an order, never saw them again, thankfully.
We are seeing more and more online designers that never heard of CMYK and why it's different from RGB. Bleed? Why? What is that? Margins? Why?
Our customers simply ask us to match their home inkjet printer. o_O
Our favourite is the uncalibrated PC monitor user creating a 100% cyan and 100% magenta ink and seeing a nice dark blue colour on their screen.
We print a proof and it comes out purple - naturally.
Customer then complains that we have got it wrong and our monitors & printing presses are calibrated wrong as their screen has always shown it as a dark blue.
And the customer is always right. Right?
BTW if you get these customers just use 100% cyan, 50% magenta and 35% black — it gives you the uncalibrated PC monitor dark blue.


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The Push To Be a More Versatile Printer
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