Updated G7-Expert & Professional Training Programs


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Idealliance has revamped content for their G7-Expert & G7-Professional online & in-person training programs—being unveiled at their upcoming October 18-22, 2021 class, taught by Ron Ellis. The intended audience for G7 Expert/Professional Training includes leading print technology OEMs, print service providers and packaging professionals.
The updated curriculum features—
  • Additional information about G7 in connection with Expanded Color Gamut (ECG) and PrintWide,
  • More in-depth coverage of G7 in relation to different print technologies such as digital, flexo, large format and textile,
  • Additional coverage of SCCA & SCTV.
According to Idealliance, “Our training continues to be updated to meet the color critical needs of brands & print buyers, who demand consistency & color quality, regardless of where and how their products are printed.”

Online training is offered over 5-consecutive half-days, featuring leading print technology, workflows and solutions, to give students the experience and ability to implement & replicate processes used during G7-Training in their own facilities, using their own technology.

Several G7 online programs are available for registration. See the schedule here: G7Training.


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