Idealliance Launches Reference Guide For Color Reproduction


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The re-imagined Guide to Print Production, Volume 21—printed guide or by download—is available now. The Guide to Print Production is a practical handbook for anyone invested in the process of print communications, and created by the Idealliance Print Properties Committee—composed of professionals from brands and print buyers, creative and design, print service providers and manufacturing and technology partners—to produce an everyday resource to be used in creation and production.

Packed full of leading practices, standards and specifications for print and packaging, The Guide is offered as a textbook, printed on-demand & designed to serve as the definitive reference guide to the critical science of color reproduction.

The book is organized into 3-parts:
  • The first covers basic information about color print reproduction and is designed specially to benefit students & newcomers to the industry.
  • Part-2 lays out standards-development, training & certification programs to improve professional competency & workflow efficiency.
  • Part-3—the Guide’s core—contains current descriptions of specifications defining color workflow including G7, GRACoL, SWOP.
Idealliance® Launches a Standard Reference Guide to the Critical Science of Color Reproduction - Idealliance


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