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Just had for the first time the experience of using uStore to create a personalized Christmas card (on another printers website)...

The process seems a little clunky, I'm pretty sure we could modify our own web-2-print system to do the same thing but a bit tidier...

But my question is, is it worth it ?

How many people would actually use this system to order VD print (from pre-defined templates)

If i found it clunky how would the normal punter find it... There are quite a lot of restrictions imposed through web to print in the first place without introducing the 'variables' of a database...

Is anyone out there really selling this kind of product ?

Are people happy ordering it through the web or do you just end up doing it manually most of the time (because they want things that aren't in the template etc..)

Opinions please :)


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Nobody ???

Is anyone selling VD print through any online system (uStore or other) ???

It is hard to believe xmPie would spend the time and money to develop this capability and no-one actually uses it in the real world ???


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Hi Natty,

We are using a robust solution that allows simple inputs to a template (think Business card shell, input your info) as well as complex variables. (Think a newsletter where the user can change out photos and copy, in predefined areas, leaving other portions locked down. Rules can be applied regarding font, font color, upload your own or only use from image library etc.) There is also true variable data printing from users uploaded mail list as well as allowing user to leave our site, purchase a mail list and return it.

At this time we only use a B2B model. We have talked about taking it B2C but there is no definite action plan yet. I feel in that environment you are competing to be the cheapest provider. It would take a while to build the volumn to offer pricing comparable to Vista and 4over. Not sure we want to go there.

Just my .02 cents.


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There is also true variable data printing from users uploaded mail list as well as allowing user to leave our site, purchase a mail list and return it.

This is what i am talking about in particular... Maybe i didn't make myself clear when i said VD print...

Are your customers using this facility ?

How many have their own lists vs. how many buy a list ?

Do you find customers are reluctant at all to upload their list ?

What kind of templates do you offer (mailers i suppose) and how customiseable are they ?

And, out of interest, what system are you using ?


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I will try to answer your questions in order.
- Not many customers use this functionality.
- Not reluctant. Many just don't know how to pull their data to make a list.
- We only create templates that "Corporate" dictates they want their "Franchises" to have. It could be anything.
- We use OPS (Online Print Solutions). It is very powerful and feature rich but has a bit of a learning curve.

IMHO - The average joe blow user out there has some trepidation when trying to order VD printing. As I navigate my site as a test user I find it intuitive and easy to use but, I have knowledge of what goes where. I find the average user has trouble following the most basic of instructions.

I feel this functionality could be better utilized as a service to smaller shops with knowledgeable employees. We could allow access for them to build/upload, proof and order. We would be acting as trade printer in this capacity, which we have no problem with. We are currently 60% Commercial, 40% Trade and it has worked well for us and our customers. It's building the relationship and trust with the smaller shops that I think needs to happen.

Sorry for going off subject. PM me if you would like more details.


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