Variable Data Printing Software


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We are looking into updating or changing our VDP software(currently using HP Smartstream) and we're looking for any feedback on the following solutions...Xmpie, Fusionpro and Pageflex. We are producing all types of products with Smartstream now from simple mail projects to complex image swaps on short to intermediate run length projects. Any feedback you might have on any of these solutions is greatly appreciated.


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This topic has been addressed in great detail - I would recommend searching this forum first and then come back if you have specific questions that were not already addressed.


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We use FusionPro but I think there must be something easier to use. Our jobs are mainly addresses for newsletters and letter mailings, postcards, and ticket numbering. I would appreciate something easier to use than FP. If I have Fiery Command WS 5 does that mean I can use Free Form? Thanks.


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I believe so - they have a free version of Free Form they give away that can do simple stuff (check your Fiery Software Manager for the install) and a crazy expensive version of Free Form that ostensibly does more.

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