Versant 80 Problems


Hello from Spain

We are a small print shop and copy center in a small town in Spain

We bought a Versant 80 about 2 years ago, the machine has had some puntual problems, but now we have about 2 weeks with the same problem, like water prints when we print in coated media between 135 and 170gr/m2, the toner seems to not attach to paper in certains areas. We have tried with different paper makers with the same result, it does not happen with 300-350gr coated paper.

The fuser and the pressure roller, have been changed two times in this 2 weeks, and about a month ago, the 2nd BTR.

Now the technicians does not have idea, what could be the cause of this problems.

If there is any idea.


(Sorry for my english)



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Is it the transfer belt? Not sure if that's the technical term, but the large plastic transfer material that is below the drums? It looks like the same pattern on all four colors test sheets...


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Tell the tech to escalate to the hotline, you want a log number and you want a supervisor involved and talk to the sales guy every day about it. Service can escalate when they don't know and it'll go into engineering if needs be he just needs to pick up the phone and escalate the issue. If this has been happening for a while, its time to put your foot down.


Well, It seems it's resolved, the tech bring another pressure roller (the one which is under the fusser belt), this one is a brand new pressure roller, the ones he brings in previous times were remanufactured and cause this issues.

I hope this issue it's finally resolved.



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I'm not very impressed with Xerox's rebuilt parts lately.
The rebuilt cleaning units for our Colorpress 1000 have been increasingly troublesome.

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