Volkswagen drops bombshell creating a potential print bonanza


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The Volkswagen Group has announced its timetable for the switch to exclusively making electric cars by 2026.
“We’re moving into a tremendously electrifying time,” said Hertz Falsch, Head of VW Global Marketing in Wolfsburg Germany. “It’s a complete transformation and the biggest ever investment in the VW Group.”

“With 70 new models of electric vehicle currently in line for production and the phasing-out of the combustion engine we are committed to being the industry's electric auto transformer. Electric cars will go from being a niche product to a volume product,” said Falsch.

To further emphasize this switch, and despite much internal resistance, Volkswagen will be changing their corporate name to "Voltswagen." Mr. Falsch explains: “The new name shows that we've passed the vapour phase of vehicle development. And of course, that means all of our current printed materials will need to be redone - creating a potential bonanza for printers."

The generator of this move stems from management’s decision to take more seriously its responsibility for its share of global CO2 emissions emanating from its cars. The transformation will be discharged in a split phase: minimize the nominal capacity of conventionally fuelled vehicle production while increasing the production of electrics.

"The new Voltswagen will drop the ballast of current automotive thinking to become a fully charged power house of innovation" says Falsch. "I’ve worked in this industry a long time, and we’re now moving into a tremendously exciting time, taking the step from being a major emitter to being CO2 neutral. It’s truly electrifying.”

It remains to be seen if Volkswagen/Voltswagen can actually switch gears, exercise its apparent power, and ultimately fuse the new technology into its many lines of vehicles.


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If you think anyone other than Tesla is making compelling electric vehicles you simply haven't done any research. Tesla will be the largest company in the world very soon.


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Der Spiegel (German Newspaper) March 31, 2021, 6:17 p.m .:

Unsuccessful PR number

Volkswagen apologizes for the April Fool's joke It should only be an April Fool's joke: The allegedly accidentally leaked too early, the supposed renaming to Voltwagen is causing trouble for VW in the USA. Now the group is trying to limit the damage.

After an unsuccessful PR gag to allegedly rename it to "Voltwagen" in the USA, Volkswagen is trying to limit the damage. In order to save the reputation, which was still scratched after the diesel scandal, the carmaker now expressed its regret. The subsidiary "Volkswagen of America" has developed a national marketing campaign - "also with a wink" - to draw attention to the offensive in electromobility and the market launch of the ID.4 electric SUV, according to a corporate announcement. Volt is the unit of measurement for voltage.

Positive feedback on social media showed that this goal had also been achieved, Volkswagen said: "At the same time, we regret that, in the perception of individuals, we should have exceeded the campaign goal." In the USA, the renaming, which was allegedly inadvertently announced prematurely at the beginning of the week, caused a lot of media coverage, including the news channel CNBC. Otherwise, companies have to dig deep into their pockets for such advertising.

VW initially confirmed the name change planned for May, but was cautious: "We may swap our K for a T, but what we're not changing is the brand's commitment to building first-class vehicles for drivers and people all over the world." said US Volkswagen boss Scott Keogh in a statement. It also gave details of the planned changes: "As of today, the new branding will be introduced on all advertising materials, the website and the company's social media channels." The notice was later taken offline and VW withdrew.

The US subsidiary said the announcement was "in the spirit of the April Fool's joke" and that the name will not be changed. US media reacted angrily. Journalists felt they were being duped by VW, and some were even lied to. At least one analyst had also praised the name change in a research note. "Apparently nobody in the @VW approval process said, hey, maybe we shouldn't lie to the press given the whole, you know, emissions-lying thing," CNBC journalist Dawn Kopecki wrote on Twitter.

The incident is the latest of several communications breakdowns in the group. The Wolfsburg-based carmaker made headlines last year when it withdrew a promotional video for the new Golf that was perceived as racist on Instagram and apologized for it.


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