W2P Software Purchases to Increase


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Based on recent Keypoint Intelligence studies in North America & Europe, many Print Service Providers who had not already adopted web-to-print (W2P) software are now interested in buying it. Their interest is spurred-on by the pandemic & social distancing requirements.

Keypoint’s studies found that nearly 50% of respondents in Europe & 18% in North America are expecting to purchase a W2P solution in the next 2-years. Seventy-four percent of those expecting to purchase, say the reason is to improve their customers’ ordering experience. Increasing production efficiency & attracting new clients are further down their list of priorities.
This is great to hear, Paul!
RedTie offers many price point options as well as a Pay As You Go option which is great for folks who are starting out. With that pricing model there are no monthly fees. Only pay for items ordered. The software is easy to use - for both the printer and the end user, and I am happy to give a demo anytime. We don't "sell" software; we partner with printers and help increase utilization. Here's my contact info: [email protected] 516-330-8555 red-tie.com
We were recently asked to participate in a webinar - we were joined by Adam Homsi - ( InkCloud9.com ) - Trent Foreman ( Aleyant.com, developer of the Pressero W2P solution - it was informative and fun. We discussed the ins and outs of W2P but also discussed Print MIS connectivity.

Hi Paul, thank you for these interesting research results!

B2CPrint is providing W2P solutions since 2005 and I can say that we have been witnessing an increase in orders for most of our customers during the pandemic period. We cannot deny the fact that for some PSP's it was a difficult year, even trying to survive, but for others, it was a great opportunity, based on the fact that sales have gone online!
Yes. Its true. Web to Print software can give you many option which can reduce your cost and increase ROI.
WTPBiz offer web to print software with customized solutions as per your need. custom pricing and many more.
Web to print provides businesses with features like eCommerce functionalities that allows them to manage varied aspects of personalization, automation, order processing, delivery and shipping. These all different aspects make overall customer experience. So, when selecting any web to print designer software, you need to make sure it can be scaled up.

If you are currently looking for a dynamic web-to-print solution to deploy for enhancing your printing business you that enables complete automation, drop an inquiry here along with your exact requirements.


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