What’s the Status of My Direct Mail Campaign?


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You've printed & mailed the job, but your customer's impatient to see results, and soon they're asking whether you mailed it. You start wondering if it's all just sitting in some corner at a post office. "Informed Visibility" is the way to find out.

Postage Saver’s new software app, Postal Barcoder Max, creates tracking barcodes and lets you look up your mail on USPS’ tracking system, or use it to track mail that you've barcoded with your presort software.

The USPS lets you check the status of barcoded mail free of charge, through their “Informed Visibility” tracking system. Whenever a piece of mail is scanned by USPS sorting equipment, the tracking system is updated with the time, location and projected delivery date. It also tracks trays & sacks of presorted mail, using the barcode on the tag. Check out savepostage.com/bulkmail101/tracking.html page, and see where your mail has or hasn't gone.


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