What is "Picture Framing"?

Hello everybody,

Does anyone descript "Picture framing" which sometimes happening in Prepress? Could you pls explain to me about it? Thanks a lot and look forward your feedback.

Picture framing is a term usually used in the pressroom. Refers to a large build up of ink outside the paper area on the plates or blankets. Like so many Litho problems it can have many causes and a whole bunch of solutions. Never heard of it referenced in the Pre-Press area unless one of the causes is poorly processed plates.
Thank you so much for your answer!
You're right, because last time I studied all thing happening in Prepress could cause some problem in Press.
Picture Framing

Picture Framing

It usually is related to plate processing and not enough speed on the damp rollers. You should team up with the fount sol manufacturer and the plate as well.


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