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Hi everyone.
This sticky thread will be used by EskoArtwork as a way to communicate with the members of PrintPlanet. They will be updating this thread with information like:

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[Edit: This thread is meant to be used for informational purposes only, if you have a specific question, please create a new thread]
Soft Proofing in Adobe® Illustrator®

Soft Proofing in Adobe® Illustrator®

Preview your design in Adobe® Illustrator® CS. DeskPack viewX plug-in adds amazing features to Adobe® Illustrator® to visually inspect your design.

Download Free 30-day Trial here.

DeskPack viewX works with centrally stored Press Settings defining press specific characteristics such as:

Registration errors,
the first printable dot,
its dot gain on a specific substrate,
the range of the dot gain curve,
the total area coverage (TAC) limit.

You have access to all predefined press settings during your visual inspection in the floating viewX palette.


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Design packaging and win €2000

Design packaging and win €2000

We want you to design our new software packaging!

Enter the Software Packaging Challenge today and win €2000 and a trip to Florida, USA!
We're releasing 'Suite 10', an upgrade of our entire portfolio of software for packaging and print professionals. Suite 10 is a collection of software and we need innovative packaging to ship that software to our customers.

We want you to design it!
EskoArtwork announces a new DeskPack plugin: Channel Mapping

EskoArtwork announces a new DeskPack plugin: Channel Mapping

A new Adobe® Illustrator® plugin is available from the DeskPack family: Channel Mapping. It remaps channels of images into any used ink in the document.
Channel Mapping works on both embedded or placed images, which makes it a unique solution. It solves the issue of swapping between PhotoShop® and Illustrator® to get the colors matching between images and linework. You never have to leave Illustrator® anymore and if you work with placed images, you can remap the channels into any ink in the file while keeping the original link with the image. Any update on the image is detected and applied onto the remapped image in Illustrator®.
Go to Packaging and printing pre-production solutions - EskoArtwork to see the movie and to download a 30-day trial for Mac and PC.
Ink savings and quality with Concentric Screening

Ink savings and quality with Concentric Screening

Not really "new", but worth while reading (I hope)...

Concentric limits the film of ink applied by the printing plate leading to reduced ink usage, more consistent and higher quality print, with brighter colors and smoother imagery.
New: Dynamic panels for Illustrator®

New: Dynamic panels for Illustrator®

Make your own dynamic panels in Adobe® Illustrator®
These panels will automatically synchronize and display the ink-, document- and/or job-information of the host document or job.

Define your own information panels and re-use them in all your jobs. The information fields, ink patches, etc will be updated automatically. Try it for free on www.esko.com
Last summer, Esko launched its HelpCenter: a site where you can find all the version 12 and up software documentation. It also hosts the What's New presentations and any relevant movies.

Check it out: Esko Help Center
ArtPro+ 20 released and ready for your production environment:



A 30-day Fix for Managed Chaos

As any print professional knows, printing can be managed chaos. Software that solves multiple problems and provides measurable and monetizable value has a direct impact on the bottom-line.

“We reduced order entry costs by about 40%.” Significant savings in a shop that turns about 500 jobs a month.

Learn how…….