“Designer’s Guide to a New Generation of Inkjet” Announced


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Canon Solutions America and thINK—an independent community of Canon print customers—have announced “Designers Guide to a New Generation of Inkjet”, authored by inkjet design experts, Elizabeth Gooding and Mary Schilling. This 3rd edition of the Designer’s Guide series provides significant information for agency and in-house designers looking to optimize their work for production.

The Guide is also intended to help designers understand and embrace the creative potential of the latest generation of inkjet presses by making readers aware of where inkjet fits into the overall print design ecosystem and how its unique characteristics open up opportunities to make designs more flexible, colorful and impactful.

With the ability to change every color and every image—catering to an audience of one, while embedding off-ramps to online content or augmented reality—design possibilities are endless. According to the authors, readers will have useful information about inks, media, color gamut values, image formats, finishing, inkjet design principles, best practices and several downloadable tools at their fingertips. The Designers Guide will show new & veteran inkjet users alike, new ways to create & deliver the best designs for marketing communications & graphic arts. Contact Canon to get your copy.

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