Standard Announces Availability of New Roll-to-Roll Solution


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Standard Finishing Systems has announced the availability of their new Standard Hunkeler Generation 8 Roll-to-Roll Solution. This new solution was designed for efficient, automated roll processing on high-speed inkjet systems for printers looking for automated finishing & processing to keep up with their high-speed presses.

Some Generation 8 Roll-to-Roll Solution features:
  • The UW8 Unwinder & RW8 Rewinder—time to change rolls—has been reduced to 5-minutes.
  • Can run at up to 830 fpm on rolls up to 54” in diameter,
  • Can handle rolls up to 1,980 lbs.
  • Can handle web widths of up to 22.5” & manage paper weights of 40 - 300 gsm.
  • An intuitive touch screen facilitates automated setup & gives an update on production, at-a-glance.
  • Can be equipped with one or more slitters & an edge trimmer on either side with no limitations on processing speed or paper weight.
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