What's the trick to a successful rewind?


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We recently acquired a Roland VG2-640 and Royal Sovereign Laminator and our wide format business is already taking off. We recently got an order for 120qty, 3'x3' posters, printed on heavy paper, then laminated. We have the rewinder on our Roland, so we attempted to rewind the prints so we could easily load into our laminator. We have tried several times, but we cannot get the prints to rewind straight. The roll creeps back and forth, which causes problems when laminating. So...what's the trick to getting a good, straight rewind?

On a side note, if your shop does a long run like this, how do you handle the cutting? We put the eye marks on it so we could feed it through and let the machine cut it after laminating it. But because the winding was so off, we ended up cutting most of them by hand. The ones we did cut on the machine, we found it works best to use the perf mode with a 1/8" perf tab every 2 or 3 inches. Then we just 'pop' them out. The little hang tags aren't an issue for this job because they are functional pieces, not display pieces.
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It is not easy, I also have not got it to be exactly straight (we also have the RolandVG2-640 and Royal Sovereign laminator). It is difficult to get the sheet attached perfectly straight on the rewinder as it is moving. I do not max out my printing area on the sheet, this allows for a bit of play back and forth for the laminator. As far as putting it back into the Roland I don't know.
I cut everything on a flat-bed cutter, we have a Colex. Definitely something worth looking into, it saves an incredible amount of time. Much faster cutting speed, more accurate cuts and you can be printing the next sheet as it cuts.
Sorry I wasn't much help but that's how our shop does it.

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Hi guys
Is it posible to add web guide system after the printing be for the reminder or on the limitation roll which holding the printing roll


I'm not sure why you'd want to do this.
We've always just loaded the printer takeup roll staright into the laminator.
I must be missing something.

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