xerox 700i drum change


New member
Hello, so some how my C and M drums were damaged in the same spot.
Can i replace only the drum roll , or i have to change the whole part ?
I read in some post that SHARP drum fits for xerox is it true ?


Well-known member
Yes, you can replace just the drum by rebuilding the drum unit. If you don't have a service contract for your 700i it may make sense to learn how to rebuild the drum unit. If you show a good life still left on the drum you can replace just the drum. If your drum is near the end of life you'll want to do a complete rebuild with a new drum, cleaning blade, charge roller, foam roll, and the CRUM chip. It's not difficult just make sure you remember that the drum is light sensitive. Rebuilding the entire drum unit is about half the cost of a new drum unit.

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