Xitron Harlequin Navigator V-13 Released


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Xitron—subsidiary of Global Graphics & developer of the Harlequin-based Navigator RIP—will begin shipping the newest Navigator (Version-13) release on November 23, 2020.

Version-13 brings several RIP improvements, including:
  • Enhanced color separation rendering,
  • A marked increase in throughput speed, and
  • Control for PDF Processing Steps where technical separations are involved.
Users of Harlequin RIPs from ECRM, RTI-RIPs, Compose, Presstek-Mark Andy, SCREEN, and most other brands, can upgrade directly from Xitron without having to repurchase options such as trapping or CIP3. According to Xitron, special upgrade pricing will be in effect through December 3, 2020, as part of the Xitron Stimulus plan to help printers, announced last March.

Customers who recently purchased (after August 1st, 2020) new Xitron TIFF or CTP RIPs & workflows will receive the upgrade to version 13 at no charge.

For more information, contact your Xitron dealer or directly to Xitron at xitronsales@xitron.com


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