XMF and Custom Marks links broken issue


Hi- has anyone run across this issues in XMF, we have talked with Support twice and there does not seem to be a solution which is strange, because sheet marks are a core part of what we need to setup on press sheets. When we place custom marks in a template and then save the template, then re-open the template, the custom mark does not appear. It is still referenced but it is like it has lost the link to the file. The only solution support has offer is to relink the custom mark. These are global custom marks we store locally on the XMF server to my understanding. Is anyone familiar with this? We are relatively new to XMF, have been using for 4-5 months. Is there a way to escalate support cases to R&D? Thanks for any info.


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within XMF I have had it error on custom marks a few times. the only solution that was given and worked was to rebuild the custom mark and leave it in a que. For whatever reason after doing that it has been stable for over 6 months.

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