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We are looking at replacing our Dynagram inpO2 product and trying to find a product that allows as much flexibility with custom marks as inpO2 does. It allows importing individual marks and placing them in specific locations on the sheet. One of our resellers recommended Quite Imposing. I know it has been recommended in these forums previously. Could anyone who uses it advise as to how it handles customer marks? I've attached a sample of one of our current impositions from inpO2 to show what we are needing. Feel free to offer any other imposition program suggestions as well. We do web offset printing using a CTP system. Thanks so much for any feedback!


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We are the developer of Ultimate Impostrip. Since Dynagram ceased operations, we have replaced the imposition process with several customers. Our solution is highly automated and eleminates the need to impose "job per job" manually. Also, all versions of Ultimate Impostrip are stand alone with the robust Adobe PDF library. Plug in technology is something you want to avoid as it is phasing out and developers can't keep developing (this is what Dynagram was using), so, choose your next imposition software with this in mind. Xitron selected Ultimate Impostrip for their customers as we have 7 versions to choose from.

For additional details, you can contact me directly via email raymond @ imposition . com


Attached sample layout with marks. All the marks in the attached file are fully automated and more.......
For more info write to


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