Your insights about energy savings


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Hi, we will undergo a facility optimization. Do you know any technology based solutions at a low cost? We want to focus on monitoring, reduced maintenance costs and energy management. Any insights about sustainable energy savings? I hope you let us know the strategies.


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Hey there!

There are multiple ways of how to increase your energy savings. If you are about to optimize facility, it's the best time for you to switch for renewables as energy providers. For example a heat pump system, solar energy, insulation etc. Depends what are your investments pre-calculations (how much would you be willing to spend). Essentially, these mentioned means of renewable energy providers will "repay" themselves over time. However, it will require a higher initial investment.

In conclusion, I would really suggest you do your research in co-relation with your facility proportions, sources available etc. Each case is unique, and therefore a different solution would be recommended.

Hope you'll find this useful.


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Owner installed 'energy saving' lighting. Then complaints about colour match started rolling in.


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Use the GM energy saving method, like at Lordstown, just shut off everything and send everyone home.


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