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    I am considering bringing a xerox 242 into my shop. My rep. quoted the machine with the 3 different RIp options. The standard bustled, the EFI controller, and the creo. We are a pretty standard quick print shop. I average about 20,000 clicks with my current machine. I am planning on keeping a lot more of the 4 color work that I am subbing out in house now on the xerox. I have a couple of small variable data jobs that basically consist of mail merge. I plan on keeping more of my mailing services in house as well with the new machine. Right now I am leaning towards the EFI Controller.

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    Re: xerox rips

    I run the EXP50 with our DC 5000 and really like it. I can't speak
    to Freeform, because I have other front end options, but it'll be
    great for what you want to do. The other thing I don't know is
    the price difference between the units. Get the EFI unit and you
    probably won't have to worry about an upgrade for many years.


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      Re: xerox rips

      I run the EFI EX8000 on me DC8000AP and am very pleased with it. It all depends on what you are comfortable with in my opinion. If you like EFI get it, if you like Creo get it, they both give you what you need which is color on paper. I don't think you would go wrong with either one!


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        Re: xerox rips

        Recently, we acquire a Xerox 242 to replace the old Canon. Xerox 242 is very capable so far printing-wise, although we had a problem with paper tray not being recognized and a network issue.

        We are also running Splash RIP on a minimal Mac G5 workstation. It took about 10-15 minutes to print a 40~ page HRZ file (2GB in size). We couldn't demo a hi-end vs low-end workstation for comparison. Thus we decided not to spend the extra cash on a pimp out workstation just to host a rip. It would have been an overkilled.


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          Re: xerox rips

          Spoke too soon, this printer's color is now printing easily 10-15% darker/more saturated. Xerox support couldn't solved the problem on lighten overall output. Apparently this is known issue with this model but they can resolved the issue with Fiery RIP but can't seem to offer us a solution with our Splash RIP....

          If anyone knows how, please drop me a line. Thanks!


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            Re: xerox rips

            Choice of rip will depend greatly on your current rip.

            I highly suggest you test your current mail merge app on the new rip. Does it do VDP ? Or just raw multiple pages ?

            We had the splash G645 for my xerox 1256, and we later got the Creo for the xerox 5000, which was a smooth transition, but we noticed that the Dual G5 Splash rip was 4-5x faster then the Creo on a many page merged document.


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              Re: xerox rips

              When you go for the EFI rip, consider that this rip hasn't got the capabilities of gallop mode. This mode is available on the CREO and is mainly used to start printing if a job is processed by a given range of pages. The EFI only starts printing when the whole job is processed, the CREO already starts printing when using the gallop mode. Also the EFI makes a complete bitmap of each page, the CREO keeps recognizing the text, outlines and images. The Creo is better and faster in use with direct-mail (best results with VPS).


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