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Depersonalization of Xerox Equipment Sales

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    Originally posted by MailGuru View Post
    First, let me say that I really love Xerox. They've been with us though this whole journey of 4-color digital variable print.

    That being said, where Xerox is falling short, what they don't seem to understand, is that, in today's world of digital production presses, the technology has advanced to the point where virtually ANY vendor's equipment will feed the same stock, produce the same high quality print, and hold color fast over the entire run. This is because the technology that does those things is patented by corporations that sell the technology to all press manufacturers across the board.

    The only way to survive in such a saturated market is to be better than your competitors in the support, service, and response areas of the business. This is the only way any of the top 4 major players (Ricoh, KM, Cannon, & Xerox) will be able to separate themselves from the rest of the pack.

    Instead of finding ways to decrease operating expenses by buying up and dolling out their sales and service functions to sub-quality dealer-agents, what they should be doing is holding internal sales and service seminars, training classes, and internal promotions to win this race to be the best in the sales, support, and service arena. It's the only way they'll survive.

    Sadly, it appears that, once again, the bean counters will eventually put a once-great company out of business. Too bad, I'll miss them.
    Exactly. The perception for a long time was that the competition more or less had comparable machines...but Xerox had the "best" service...the most engineers, largest support group, etc... But I'm not convinced that this is still true. They've really done a lot to step away from first class service in the last few years.


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      Is it me or has anyone else noticed an increased presence from HP? Especially in social media advertising.


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