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re image backup jobs in agfa rip

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  • re image backup jobs in agfa rip

    we are back up our jobs (the tiff files created by backup modeule) in apoge pdf rip and copy it on dvd
    now when we are trying to reimage it by copying it on hotfolder
    we give us a flush error and move the job to error folder
    any idea ?

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    Re: re image backup jobs in agfa rip

    It's a while since I looked at one of these but you cannot put the tiff files into the hotfolder and process them through the RIP. The Rip will only process PS or PDF files. You need to place the entire backed-up folder into the 'to be imaged' folder of the rip. Your folder structure will look something like this:

    Job1234myjob\1\cyan.tif etc. where Job1234myjob is a folder with the name of the original job, then inside that a numbered folder for each page or signtaure, then inside that the actual TIF files e.g. cyan.tif, magenta.tif etc.

    You can normally find the 'to be imaged' folder inside the 'Raster Jobs' folder which will be inside the 'ApogeePDFRip folder - make a shortcut to it on the desktop or somewhere useful to make life easier - hope that helps



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      Re: re image backup jobs in agfa rip

      thanks i try it ... and i say you the results


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        Re: re image backup jobs in agfa rip

        i put the all dir contains bitmaps in the "to be imaged " folder nothing happend
        i try to copy the bitmaps in raster data folder the the bitmap have a extesion like reimage or previw when run the command reimage it's give me and error


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          Re: re image backup jobs in agfa rip

          I haven't used a PDF RIP in years but I just finished checking the manuals: you should be using the 'official procedure' to re-image back-ups, with the additional contextual menu's.

          I do seem to remember that there was a work-around to image just about any TIFF file but have you first of all tried sticking to the procedure outlined in the manuals?


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