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Apogee Tiapan 3.0.1 RIP

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  • Apogee Tiapan 3.0.1 RIP

    I inherited a Taipan 3.0.1 from one of our other companies, which our managers want to make work.

    I had to reinstall the operating system and reinstall the software for the dongle.

    i have gotten the server to work but there is a PCI card i do not have the drivers for. the card in question is a AMCC S5933 Matchmaker 62 pin serial card.

    If i go into Control Panel > System > hardware tab, the card shows up as an unknown device.

    After emailing the manufacturer, they sent me a zip file with source code and header files and it looks like I may have to compile the drivers myself.

    Does anyone know how to get drivers or information on how to install the card?
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