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calibrating a quickmaster DI

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  • calibrating a quickmaster DI

    Whats up all. First time posting on printplanet but been a member or prepressforums for a little while.

    Here is whats up. We just got our heidelberg di set up and we need to profile it. I am new to that sort of stuff and the press tech from heidelberg only know what it does and not how it to do it. I was wondering if anyone hand any insight or links to anything that might help me. I am new to this sort of stuff and kind of got dropped into it. I do know that we have to print the calibration strips, of which there are 3 different types, and get the press to print a full 100% and the read all the numbers in. but on a densitometer what is going to be 100% black magenta and cyan. I did a google search but could not find anything. I have a harlequin 5.3 rip, yep its old. The press has been running for about a year or so uncalibrated and now we have to get it done.

    any help would be great.

    thanks all,

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    Re: calibrating a quickmaster DI

    we just set a di also on our floor and from what I gather is that you need to do is run the test strips read them
    and then get ahold of your RIP company and they will walk you thru the adjustments you need. I think you adjust the Rip to the press.
    we are going to be doing the same in a week or so after all testing is done.


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      Re: calibrating a quickmaster DI

      I have looked at your profile and you work for PGA - which are my initials mmmmmmmmmm.

      If you dont have a company standard and know how to change the plate curve - look at the GraCol Site (G7)



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