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Integrating Prinergy InSite within your operation

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    Re: Integrating Prinergy InSite within your operation

    Troubleshooting Java issues with clients (altough a pain) is still easier than if we had to have them load a client in their machine to use InSite. We would become full time software helpdesk troubleshooters. Synapse Prepare became a nightmare for us because it seemed anytime a user had a computer or network issue, it had to be caused by "our" software that "we made" them install. Of course, we had to help them troubleshoot every issue.



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      Re: Integrating Prinergy InSite within your operation

      I can't disagree there. I don't install software on customers computers!!! The Java is the lessor of the evils. But it still is a pain.


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        Re: Integrating Prinergy InSite within your operation


        I never want to be the cause of any issues. Java should be mainstream enough that if theres an issue, its not mine. Heaven knows that I have enough issues between my 4 walls to take care of let alone any issues on the customers site...YUCK! Leave me out of that one. That is the reason we did not talk up Prepare. Give the customers a good PPD and some screen shots and you are off to the races.



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          Re: Integrating Prinergy InSite within your operation

          plus, just mentioning to a customer that they need to install any kind of client on their workstations is enough to turn a lot of them off right away. EVERYONE uses a browser, so it is a lot easier to get them on board right away. i was just talking about this on another thread...i used to use the rampage workflow, and their equivelant to InSite is Rampage Remote. very similar interface, but it was a client that needed to be installed, and it was always a pain in the ass talking the customer through even that simple install.

          most of the java questions we get are simple...they just dont have it turn on in their browser preferences. i havent really had any issues harder than that, yet.


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            Re: Integrating Prinergy InSite within your operation

            We jumped on the Prepare bandwagon as soon as Creo released it, going to multiple customer locations for installs. The software is VERY dependent on a clean running OS, which ended up frustrating customers because it would work initially but then something would always cause it to not work anymore. So... repeat visits.

            Not entirely a bad thing - visiting them onsite, helping them resolve Prepare issues or any other software problem is an opportunity to remain visible to them. My job has changed dramatically over the last few years, a good portion of my time is working directly with clients and their issues, now I use WebEx Remote Support and they love it.

            Probably half of our customers finally ditched Prepare out of frustration, the rest still use it. Some adapted instantly to InSite and some still prefer to submit their jobs on a disc. *shrugs* You can lead a horse to water...


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              Re: Integrating Prinergy InSite within your operation

              Prepare seemed very clunky to me. I could only imagine customers trying to deal with it. I decided to return it to Kodak. I find it much easier just to give customers a Print or Export preset.


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                Re: Integrating Prinergy InSite within your operation

                You do realize that Synapse Prepare is essentially a rebranded Enfocus InstantPDF? It would just be a whole lot easier to set them up with InstantPDF which is kept current by Enfocus. Kodak/Creo/CreoScitex was/is horrible about keeping it up to date.

                If you're interested let me know and I can setup a webinar/demo for you.
                Matt Beals
                The views expressed here are my own personal views and are not those of my employer.


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                  Re: Integrating Prinergy InSite within your operation

                  Thank you, but we are fine with the Print and Export Presets.


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