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CreoScitex Brisque Network Unreachable. HELP!!!!!!!!!

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  • CreoScitex Brisque Network Unreachable. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    Please help me to solve this problem.

    We been working for a couple of years with a Brisque Impose station. Two days ago show a problem.
    When the system start I get this message: afpsrv [9288] sendEvent: Network is Unreachable.

    If I login as cdesc, the Brisque 4.0.97 Software is not fully functional.

    I try to do this, login as root, enter Scismit, software handling, display software versions; the report status show me that some of the filesets are not installed.
    I try to reinstall the Brisque software, but the installation fail because it does not find fileset.

    If someone have a clue on how to fix that, please trow me a bone here.


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    Re: CreoScitex Brisque Network Unreachable. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    A few years ago we had a similar problem
    The creo technician just unplugged everything and dusted and sucked all the dust
    Waited a few minutes and as for magic everything worked as before
    The station was on the floor and collected dust and crap
    I hope that is something similar for you as well


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      Re: CreoScitex Brisque Network Unreachable. HELP!!!!!!!!!

      Maybe your hd is failing or do a cold start install but erase the disks or format them in a pc and block the bad sectors with the adaptec utility


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        Re: CreoScitex Brisque Network Unreachable. HELP!!!!!!!!!

        Sounds to me like a network card issue or an Appletalk configuration problem. Sorry I couldn't be of more help, I don't speak Unix very well.


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