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  • From Brisque to Prinergy

    Hy Everyone
    I'm new to this forum and for what I have seen so far it looks something I have been missing all my working life!
    I have been working with PSM and Brisque 3 and 4 for around 9 years
    I will start working for a new company next month that uses Prinergy!
    In a quick shot, what I am going to put myself into?
    Troubles or the move should be nice and easy???
    Thank you in advance and congratulation for this forum!!

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    Re: From Brisque to Prinergy

    We just switched from Rampage to Prinergy and it is pretty damn awesome. I think you'll be happy with it. I sure am. And if you have more questions, just post them on this forum and you will get answers. That being said, it's time for you to go kick some Prinergy Butt!


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      Re: From Brisque to Prinergy

      So Danny,
      What are the things that you like about it the most?


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        Re: From Brisque to Prinergy

        Thank you for the encouraging words!
        I am a bit nervous mostly about the workflow routine being different!
        Do you impose in Preps the ripped files like Brisque impose?
        And does it still have assg. files with CT and LW??
        I know nothing and I am not member of Creocentral so I can't download tutorials!
        Do you have any pdf tutorial I can have a look at it??
        Thank you for all the help I an get!!


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          Re: From Brisque to Prinergy

          Well, you impose on the fly. Let's say you take an 8pp Work and Turn. You can take a PDF, render it and hook up the proper layout in a few simple steps. Done! Or you can create a workflow that will do it all for you. Then you can have that workflow stop prior to proofing and plating until you're ready for it. You have lot's of control over how you want to do things. It's very cool! This week we are going to be 100 percent Prinergy and Zero percent Rampage. That being said, by friday I'll really know how I feel.



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            Re: From Brisque to Prinergy

            Good luck Danny and thank you for the input!
            I will start the 19th of November!
            I am excited!!


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              Re: From Brisque to Prinergy

              >>And does it still have assg. files with CT and LW??

              No it doesnt its all PDF now, so the biggest thing for us was press corrections are / were more dificult.
              You will be editing images in Acrobat Pro, somtimes can be tricky when saving out.


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                Re: From Brisque to Prinergy

                Thank you John
                So no more Presstouch and colour correcting CT in Photoshop?
                That doesn't sound too good!!


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                  Re: From Brisque to Prinergy

                  no more presstouch for sure, but in instances of color correction, you can open images in photoshop through acrobat using the touch-up object tool.

                  one thing we have all really had a crash-course in is troubleshooting files in acrobat using pitstop and the prinergy plug-ins. i find the prinergy workflow to be fantastic, and i think you are going to be very pleased with the new workflow.



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                    Re: From Brisque to Prinergy

                    Thank you for the good words, cris_r
                    I am looking forward to the change
                    And this forum is very good!
                    Thank you all!


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                      Re: From Brisque to Prinergy

                      Key differences between Brisque and Prinergy:
                      - No raster data until it is sent somewhere. No RIP. Refine to PDF and kept there, even with transparency/layers preserved.
                      - No need to create Assign files. oracle does it for you
                      - PDF traps instead of FAF. (But as a historical note, Creo used Scitex patents and logic to create Prinergy trapper!!)
                      - No need to go to Preps if you have the template already. Signature selection is sweet.
                      - No need to worry about CT/Lw issues anymore. Period.
                      - file sizes and network traffic are a fraction of what you use on the Brisque
                      - floating licenses instead of dongles.
                      - Last minute color remapping, trap adjustments, page substitutions, screening changes a piece of cake.
                      - Images CAN be edited into Photoshop using Acrobat Pro's Advanced Editing. Easier than Presstouch
                      - Don't have to worry about SP1, SP2 color bar stuff..

                      - Can create hotfolders the same, job naming the same, template creation the same
                      - Can print to all of your existing equipment faster
                      - Same company that knows the beefs/wish lists of both Brisques/Prinergy users. See Graphics User's Association annual meeting to believe product development in action.
                      - Can import CT/LW and can also export CT/LW for the hardcore folks who just can't let go of a big file.

                      Our studies have shown an average increase in prepress productivity of 28% in migrating to Prinergy. Enjoy.


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                        Re: From Brisque to Prinergy

                        What do you miss ,if anything, from Brisque, presstouch, etc compared to Printergy?


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                          Re: From Brisque to Prinergy

                          i can only speak for myself, but there is not one aspect of brisque i miss when i am working in prinergy. granted, i am on old rampage user who moved to the brisque in a job change and immediately disliked it, so i may not be impartial. i find prinergy to an open, easy to use interface where the workflow can be molded to do almost anything you want. it is almost as if the only limits you have when automating your workflow is your imagination, and i have a faily active imagination!



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                            Re: From Brisque to Prinergy

                            Danny - why did you switch from Rampage to Prinergy. Switching from Brisque, those are two of my options and wonder why someone would switch to Prinergy from Rampage. TIA.


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                              Re: From Brisque to Prinergy

                              Thank you Allan
                              Appreciate your explanation!
                              Is there any pdf tutorial around that I can download, just to be prepared for the new job?
                              I like to ask useful questions and I need a basic understanding of the process to waste less time when instructed!
                              Thank you all


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