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    I posted this here and on their forum, in hopes that I find an answer...

    I'm trying to make a process to have quick-keys select a folder on my desktop, and then have it open that folder and select everything inside it.

    I have it working, but occasionally it doesn't, it goes into another folder.... any ideas why?

    I'm trying to get it so that when I drop files into this folder, I hit the key command(trigger) and it will open this folder, then select all and combine them in Acrobat and then let me save it on where-ever I choose.

    I then have 2 different crop setting to choose from. - These are working great!

    It's just the specified folder part that isn't going so great.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    Hi Tequillajane1

    Although I dont have an exact solution for you, I wonder if you have considered using automator. It has some neat features for finder manipulation, and Quickeys can fire automator workflows, so integrating them is easy.

    In my workflow I have combined the two as well as using Applescript and a neat utility called Default Folder X. Couldnt live without any of them.




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