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  • GMG day to day

    What kind of consistency, Delta E ? are you guys seeing day to day ?

    Maintenance etc. ?

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    Re: GMG day to day

    We check every proof before it leaves production. We use GMG's Proof Control and an Eye1 to do the qualifying. We output 50+ proofs a day over 3 shifts and the average dE is < 1, the max dE is < 2. We have very few proofs that do not qualify. If we run into issues we do the usual maintenance (nozzle check, basic clean, power clean if needed.) I try to check calibration on a monthly basis but to be truthful we have so few issues I have gone as long as 3 months without iterating the cal. The Epson x800 series printers and the k3 inks have been very stable, and we use a Mid States semi matte paper. I will add that we are a G7 printer also.
    Best regards,


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      Re: GMG day to day

      Same here but I do check linearization (MX3) every Monday AM. It did not happen that it did not pass ProofControl unless there are clogged nozzles in the Epsons. Epson 4800 is much better than 9800, which I have to clean more often. HP Z printers are much more stable and no need for constant head cleaning.

      GMG works as advertised both in Contone and DotProof modes even on newsprint stock.

      The better the paper the more stable results. Midstates paper is good paper but gmg paper is better (less fluorescent whitening agents).


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        Re: GMG day to day

        GMG is da bomb. For us, it has been the most consistent and reliable proofing solution in years.


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          Re: GMG day to day

          I have read through some threads in an attempt to find an answer to my question. Since this is the most recent post mentioning GMG I thought I might submit my question here. First, in response to the initial question I am consistently within AVG 0.9 – 1.2 and MAX 2.2 – 3.6 as qualified through ProofControl. I try to be consistent with calibrating once a week or before any critical job but during slow periods I tend to slack off a bit. Our busy times tend to keep us on our toes with page counts ranging from 50 to 120 pages per day so regular maintenance is a must. We currently only have 1 Epson 4800.

          This leads me to my question. I inherited the GMG RIP when I took the position and after a learning curve and training at GMG (highly recommended) I have to say, it is, as Mr. Link says, “da bomb”. With our current workflow as is we are now adding another catalog that will range between 280 and 300 pages and are in the process of adding a 4880 and 9880 to the system with a full RIP hardware/software upgrade (4.5.2). My vendor that is handling the purchase just informed me that after this they will no longer be reselling GMG and are moving to CGS Oris and would like to see if we would like to make the switch. Apparently CGS has a trade-in-deal for GMG users. I know CGS has been around for some time but have never used it and would like to know if there is any benefit/advantage for us to make the switch. I look forward to any and all opinions.


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            Re: GMG day to day

            Seems to me that your vender has a lot of work to do to convince a satisfied customer to switch products. I'd leave it up to him to prove the CGS Oris system has an advantage over GMG, and prove a return on investment for switching. I personally have never used Oris, but it would definitely be a hard sell here, as we've bee GMG users for quite some time. I am a little skeptical of Oris's rendition of grayscales, which I understand by default will contain no CMY colorants , only black (and therefore may be more apt to show constancy/metameric issues), but others are satisfied with its performance.


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              Re: GMG day to day

              Pitman is a supplier to the Graphic Arts Industry and is committed to excellance. We can provide the entire solution based on your needs and expectations.

              Nearly everyone out there has a trade-in deal for GMG users - the question is why do you wish to change? GMG is a superior professional grade product - supported well by both GMG and Pitman . Starting over from scratch is not necessarily the best choice and a costly one too - both financially as well as manpower retraining. If you would like to discuss further contact me as this is a product I truly believe in.

              Brenda Millard
              Inside Digital Sales Rep.
              800-526-5441 ext 2704


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                Re: GMG day to day

                Michael, you are correct. It will be a hard sell…after all I believe you are the one that sold us on the GMG but it was before my time here.

                Brenda, I agree. GMG has been a workhorse for us with minimal effort. I guess I was/am confirming what I already knew – my vendor is no longer supporting GMG therefore they are trying to get us to switch so we will stay with them. They haven’t tried very hard to convince me and I haven’t really seen much that impresses me with the Oris. I do like two things it can do, 1) Load Balancing 2) Media Usage & Cost Log. I haven’t seen the newest version of GMG so I am not sure if this has been added. Also, I don’t know who my local Pitman rep is so I may be contacting you in the near future.


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                  Re: GMG day to day

                  >Michael, you are correct. It will be a hard sell…after all I believe you are the one that sold us on the GMG but it was before my time here.

                  Oh yeah! I didn't notice you're from Lorel. Curt Stahl was your predecessor, is that right? Funny how you guys got that GMG system installed then stopped getting proofs from us... maybe I should just shut my big trap.


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                    Re: GMG day to day

                    Like I said, before my time...I think I met Curt on his last day. I recognized your name from some records Curt handed off to me and I didn't realize you were vendors for us. As far as I knew we had been doing the proofs in-house for some time. However, I have to say I have read some of your posts and would hate to see you go quiet. It's always good to hear someone sharing useful feedback and giving helpful advice. I can only speak for myself when I say please continue with your input. :-)


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