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Too short... (No, not that one...)

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  • Too short... (No, not that one...)

    Hi all..!

    Does anyone here know something about RIP adjustments?

    I am running a Canon CLC 3220 equipped with a C-1 RIP from EFI.
    When printing, I get copies that are 2 millimters to short on the european A3- format.
    (420 mm becomes only 418 mm...)

    There is nothing to do in the Command workstation to "strechen" the imageable area,
    so it must be an "inside" RIP task.

    I have also looked into the printer driver without success.

    The thing is, in my ColorProof XF from EFI and even in my CtP, I can adjust the X and Y
    to get the right format.

    Canon says this isn't possible to achieve, but in all previous Postscript output units, I have always been able to adjust the X and Y coordinates.

    Any ideas - anyone

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    Re: Too short... (No, not that one...)

    I don't have a clue!


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      Re: Too short... (No, not that one...)

      Dependant upon what design software you use you should be able to set up a virtual printer that outputs to PDF or Postscript file and in the print options you can tweak the percentage until you find the percentage that fits your press. Then you can send that file or place that file into a plate file to output.

      I attached a SS of what I use for our Speedmaster 74 to fight the stretch. to give a tip the 99.85% gets us fairly close on a 0.0725" stretch on a 16.125" sheet height.


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