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    Cannot get marks placed

    Looking for automation. This could occur 500 times a year? Customer sends in on one size #10 die. We have our own. They are consistent....not on ours We are consistent needing ours. I have it 100 percent working except for crop marks. I do not have to have those, but it will freak people out...
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    Cannot get marks placed

    Tough to describe. Eal to to do the following. I get all the way to the final step Original pdf brought it. New PDF laid on top. Sizes are squirrelly, but after some tinkering, Crop, Trim, Art 8.5 x 11 Bleed and Media - 9.5 x 11 There are not marks on this as I removed them to get the two pdfs...
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    Colors Used in a PDF

    3 colors on the front. 1 on the back
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    Colors Used in a PDF

    I do not think that Switch / Pitstop Server can do this - but thought I would ask if (a) I am wrong and they can or (b) there is a third party software that can. Assume there are no slugs that would throw things off. Pure 8.5 x 11 PDF that is 9.5 x 12. Assume as well that the artist did...
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    Switch stupid question

    Enfocus Action List. Thanks. I knew it had the ability but forgot which module to use. I will give it a try
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    Non-printing background (Pitstop)

    Should be a setting on the Prisma to print all layers or visible layers? We did hit this on our Screen Digital press. We did have to create a step to flatten out and delete layers not used. The final pdf had no layers
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    Switch stupid question

    Most of my Switch flows are pretty simple. I have copied / borrowed / pasted from ones supplied to get more complicated flows. I need help with this one. Assume I have 3 folders (Folder A, Folder B, Folder C) and each folder has 100 pdfs in each. I want to have a folder (Input) that Switch is...
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    Latest Indesign issue

    Had to download and install V16 because of a client. Kept In 16, we no longer save back to the folder it started in. Is that a setting I can change, or do we need an update from Adobe?
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    Pitstop Action - change a CMYK to Spot

    That did it! Thanks
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    Pitstop Action - change a CMYK to Spot

    BUT, why are But, why is my new color 57 percent of the spot color?
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    Pitstop Action - change a CMYK to Spot

    Got it. Working. Thanks
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    Pitstop Action - change a CMYK to Spot

    Am I so blind that I am missing this? I have a CMYK only PDF Need to add in a new PMS of say Pantone 186 U I want to select a fill of 100M 100Y and then tell it to become the Pantone. What am I missing? Thanks
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    Crop larger

    If I select the crop tool in Acrobat I can change the page size to a custom number. IE, job started at 8.5 x 11. But, I want 20 x 20. I can do this. How can I accomplish the same in Pitstop? I have tried every available option that I am aware of
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    Hardest Pitstop Server / Switch question ever...

    Question after the setup: Say I have a letter. It might go digital or it might go conventional. I want to start the PDF out of Indesign with say 9 spots, CMYK on the front and 1 spot and black on the back. I want the extra spots to get a much better piece off the digital press. (I have 1.3...

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