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    Non-OEM Inks

    I tried using non-Epson inks in our Stylus Pro 4900. Those were refillable cartridges, the ink came in large bottles. I have to say that the whole setup was absolutely professional. The reason I reverted back to Epson inks was that with the third party ink set I wasn't able to certify my proofs...
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    Why arent any of the latest Benq Displays on this list of Gracol Certified Displays ?

    I would agree with you, if there is an unsurmountable technical barrier would have been show up for some reason. But there is no such barrier in this technology. The display is connected via USB to the computer. The USB is still present on the computers. The UART chip handling the USB connection...
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    Why arent any of the latest Benq Displays on this list of Gracol Certified Displays ?

    The monitor may be 10 years old, but the manufacturer still exists. They don't answer (repeated) e-mails. Even their local dealer here can not squeeze out an answer from the mothership, regarding support. Why should I suggest anyone to buy anything from such a company? Is there any warranty...
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    Why arent any of the latest Benq Displays on this list of Gracol Certified Displays ?

    This is the most affordable model with a built-in colorimeter:
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    Why arent any of the latest Benq Displays on this list of Gracol Certified Displays ?

    We have a Benq PG2401PT, around 10 years of age. While the display itself is in mint condition, Benq doesn't support it in the new version of the calibration software (Palette Master). Apple, with the forced 64 bit transition made the (old) software unusable on the Mac platform. On top of that...
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    KM AccurioPress C83hc

    Let's break down your requirements to real-world needs. Proofing: with the KM C83hc you will not be able to produce contract proofs or validation prints, as the actual pigments' gamut is so much different to conventional (offset or digital) printers' gamut. Invitation cards, business cards...
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    How to shortcut to a Fixup in Acrobat (2020/DC) -

    IMHO you can't do such a deep customization. The only way to make it more comfortable is to set the Preflight Panel icon present in the top row, then set your preferred fixups as Favorites (a small flag is shown in the Fixup's row). Droplets live on the Desktop (or anywhere in your file system)...
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    Linking Illustrator Text boxes in a .pdf

    Thanks for the explanation!
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    Alternative to high resolution imagesetting

    That was my solution, too, but the Epson's 1440 dpi addressable resolution isn't enough to produce 200 lpi screens. I remember they've advertised this to be good up to 133 lpi.
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    Coca-Cola to Launch Paper Bottles

    That sounds like a solution. I'm waiting for the EU to put into code a similar legislation. Until then, we're choking in rubbish.
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    Coca-Cola to Launch Paper Bottles

    And how much is it? Unless it's an amount visible by the naked eye, it won't work. When I was a child (1980's in the commie block) we had a 'real' deposit on glass bottles. Back then, plastic and aluminum wasn't a widespread packaging material behind the iron curtain. It was mainly our...
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    Coca-Cola to Launch Paper Bottles

    The only way it gonna work if you place a price onto the bottles, like we have on the aluminum cans.
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    Linking Illustrator Text boxes in a .pdf

    How did you do it?
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    Coca-Cola to Launch Paper Bottles

    Yep. They can sell more poison this way.
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    How to locate italics in PDF files?

    I found a way to do it in Acrobat Pro. You can create a new Check (in the Preflight panel) using the 'Font is Italic" property. Beware: when you Add the property to define the check itself, the default setting is "is not true", which is the opposite what we're looking for. You have to set it to...


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