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    File Sharing / Storage / Sync

    CrushFTP is a great and affordable solution, if you still want to use FTP these days. You can have as many shares as you like, you can send out time-limited, encrypted links which point to defined assets on your server. You only need an oldish PC or a minimally specced VM to run it. A free...
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    Following Guidelines

    100,000 COVID cases like the one below: Authorities are curiously diligent to count each and every death as a COVID case. Interesting enough, from March 2020 we don't hear...
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    Following Guidelines

    No, I don't have any medical conditions. Repeated blood test prove that, on top of that I have three negative COVID tests from the last three weeks. My physical condition is excellent, I can walk, run & ride a bike for dozens of miles without any problems. People supposed to breathe fresh air...
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    Following Guidelines

    For me, wearing a mask for more than five minutes is a pain. After a short period when I feel some kind of weariness, I start to feel myself dizzy, and at around 15 minutes into wearing it's a vertigo. How am I supposed to live like this? A line in the local grocery shop's cashier takes ten...
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    Rounded corner spines perfect binding

    You need to use a much sharper knife for the rounding - like a razor. Apart that, try to use better quality paper for the cover. What you try to achieve is very rare requirement, so I think you're mostly on "uncharted waters". Good luck!
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    Following Guidelines

    Since the virus is so much smaller than the minuscule holes on the mask, the guidelines can be considered a misdirection. On the other hand, it's very interesting that other proven protective measures are never promoted. I mean eating healthy food, pumping up your immune system and doing some...
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    Rounded corner spines perfect binding

    43 people read your post and you have zero answers. That means you have to re-phrase the question, elaborate a bit, or post some photos about your problem.
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    Fiery Color Question

    Fiery settings on the 700i must be the reason. You have to carefully compare the settings (and all other, color-related aspects) of the DFEs driving the 550/560 and the 700i. In our practice the most common error is that the document has images in some high volume RGB color space (profiles are...
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    Fiery Color Question

    No, the whole document is way darker, not just the cyan. The colormanagement settings on the DFE atteched to the 700 is somehow mismatched. There might be a default 'darkening' enabled for RGB documents, or 'image enhancement' switched on (a rarely used Fiery feature). Try to convert the doc to...
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    Reasons to not edit images in Acrobat?

    I second what Joe wrote in the previous post. It's possible to perform complicated image editings in PDFs, then print those documents successfully. You just have to be very careful. There are three possible obstacles I've encountered so far. 1. Rotated images aren't rotated anymore after...
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    Transparency effects printing issues

    If you use a Mac, that's fairly easy to do; and Illustrator's scripting abilities are very mature. On the other hand, if you have a lot of jobs to handle, you might consider investing into Enfocus Switch.
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    Hydraulic Cutter advice- Baum/Polar or Challenge?

    We had a Mohr (Polar) 80 NET for five years. Apart from the knife and oil change, it needed zero servicing. A wonderful machine, indeed.
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    Transparency effects printing issues

    You need PDF/X-1a:2001. That's a perfectly flat, CMYK+Spot PDF which can be printed by your equipment without any problems. All the other standards might have RGB or unflattened elements, or both in them.
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    inline inspection

    It's up to your inspection device. Every solution has its special elements which must be placed to specific places on the sheet.
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    i1profiler to create G7 Epson ICC profile

    In iProfiler you should use the CMYK printer profiling preset, with a large (over 1500) patch set. That will produce a Device Profile which can be used in ColorPro as an Output (Printer) Profile.

Automatically Autonomous Automation

Automatically Autonomous Automation
Although the autonomous car is not quite ready, a lights out print operation is something you can do right now if you have a comprehensive Print MIS (Management Information System). The advantages can put money on your bottom line. So what’s your next step? Link to Article