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    Looking for Advice on Sheet Cutter (Duplo or AeroCut?)

    What kind of coated stock are you having problems creasing? We have a 618 and print a lot of super heavy toner coverage and haven't had a problem with cracking, even with 100% K coverage on the crease. YMMV if you are using 80# text because we generally only crease 100#T and heavier. A couple...
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    Duplo DC-646 v Duplo DC-618

    We've had a (new) 618 since November of '22 and it's been a gamechanger for us. If it were me I would go with 618 for the newer tech and not have to worry about the wear and tear on the used machine. The blades have to be replaced rather than sharpened (per Duplo, there might be a "hack" that...
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    Duplo 618 Won't Connect to EFI Impose

    Hi There! I have a new DC-618, and am having trouble connecting to Fiery Impose. I was able to connect initially, but now when I try to connect through preferences in Impose, the IP test always fails. I've tried using the default IP address as well as the server IP address that is shown on the...
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    Folding Recommendations for Duplo 618

    Soggy, do all stocks double feed on your 646, or only the lighter or heavier sheets? If pulling the trigger we are also adding in a side air unit (only adds like $240) and that is supposed to help with feeding heavier coated stocks.
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    Folding Recommendations for Duplo 618

    Hiya! Our shop is increasing volume - albeit many projects are still short runs, however we have requests for 5K-10K ranges and we obviously cant compete with manual creasing/folding processes, so we are looking at getting some finishing equipment. We print digital only, and most of our current...
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    Challenge 305 MC cutter blade coming down slow

    As Soggy said, this could be the culprit - but BE CAREFUL! This was the case with my Duplo 490-P and it caused the blade to sag down below the clamp. I went to grab some posters that were trimmed on a Monday morning after it had been off all weekend, without me knowing the blade was below the...
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    Mounting Methods for Small Business?

    Hi There! I have a small shop in Chicago and we're basically just a Canon imagepress 8000 for small format and a Canon iPF8300S inkjet for large format. Our clientele is mostly in the entertainment industry, and we have common requests for foam board prints. We were outsourcing all of these...
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    KM c1060: Can you identify this probem?

    I've had Secondary Transfer Voltage cause that sort of issue in the past.
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    Fiery Impose Center Marks

    No, although those can also be helpful! Here is what I mean:
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    Fiery Impose Center Marks

    Thanks for both of your replies! Here are examples of how we like to have our marks via Illustrator. It's much easier to visualize and cut so that all of our pieces are uniform. We're a super short-run shop, so we have to deal with a lot of garbage files with no bleed and not much safety margin...
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    Fiery Impose Center Marks

    Hi pippip, Thanks for your reply. We're a small shop and do all of our cutting with a guillotine cutter that's not in the best shape, and it's much easier to trim accurately with center marks, especially w/ 9-up/24-up impositions.
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    Fiery Impose Center Marks

    To all who use Fiery Impose, does anyone know how to get center crop marks? Normally we open files in Illustrator and save with crop marks so we can get center marks, but it seems like such an unnecessary step. It seems like a huge oversight that Fiery Impose wouldn't provide center marks. Thanks!
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    Trouble Getting Heavier Digital Stock

    Thanks @crajos! I will look into Creator.
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    Trouble Getting Heavier Digital Stock

    I'm in Chicago and we've had to sub Titan as well. It works okay, but we could only get gloss and Blazer 110# and 130# satin were customer favorites. Our supplier supposedly has some stuff coming in from Korea in late July. Word around the campfire is that Verso lost the capability to make...
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    Trouble Getting Heavier Digital Stock

    Has anyone else been having a really hard time getting ahold of heavy digital stocks? 130#C Satin/Gloss were both client favorites, and now it's difficult to find any. Apparently Verso stopped making anything about 100#C. Does anyone have any information regarding this?


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