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    screen 8300s ctp take very long time load particular size of plate.

    Hi Is the other size Plate thickness the same? When the plate thickness changes, does it go into calibration mode? The plate thickness change sometimes delays the exposure start.
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    Avalon-N4 Trail clamps replace

    Hi maac You can try the consumble timer reset. I reset it 3 times without changing.
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    Excessive dot gain (or other) - please give me the advice!

    Did you check the dot shape. Looks like a little different. Check ctp developer chemical. it maybe be old. And ink fluidity level sometimes be different.
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    Apogee cmyk+4 extra colors TVI

    Hello there I am using apogee 6.0 rip. My job is 8 color and cmyk + 3 pantone. My problem is that the customer wants to print their own special ink series along with their own special tvi values. I can also make cmyk colors that I know. The extra color of this curve is automatically linked to...
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    white CMYK overprints

    Hi This is a mistake . Sometimes could be forgotten the ignore overprint. Could be done warning the some pluging artwork when opened. esko, wopd..
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    Screen CTP

    Hi I dont know how the done, but software transfer can be tried. Screen service can be done.
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    How unembed all images in Illustrator

    Hi The cheapest solution rasterino plug.
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    Best LPI ratio for Diffrent Materials

    Hi We are using for news paper 133 lpi for offset paper 175-200 lpi for cartons 150 lpi round dot
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    CTP laser problem

    Hi You can change the angle of magenta and black colors. However dot type use round dot helpful you.
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    Ptr 4300S Transfer Path problem

    Change the springs(probably one of them break)
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    Problems with setup a new plate in AGFA Avalon N4-S

    Hi Check attached pdf
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    Postscript screen angle comments ignored in Harlequin RIP

    The capacity of this program so much. As far as I know only from the specific angle of separation setup will allow you to.
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    RIP testing

    HP Z600 Workstation 8 Gb Ram
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    RIP testing

    Product Apogee Prepress: Total Rip Rip:Apogee 6 System 32 bit 05.55
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    Plate clean bu, blanket keep ink.

    Thanks for the link. Was quite useful.

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