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    How to explain "overprint" to dumb clients?

    Its Russian decision: 7 perpendicular red lines 2 of them are green 3 are transparent, 1 is in the shape of a kitten.
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    Linking Illustrator Text Boxes in a .pdf

    Just read this:
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    Pdf saved with/without Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities

    Hi. Why text editor, not Illustrator? .. If you save pdf with Illustrator Editing Capabilities (IEC) — all Layers structure will be saved. Its fully useful file, like .ai, but will be saved only current version of AI. Its important. .. If you open pdf without IEC, you will see, that all...
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    Press Hourly Rates...

    Hello. That system was for first 3-5 years. Now I know how much money my machine needs and calculate more precosely. Besides — very tough competition among packaging manufacturers. I think, its a good approach. Yes. To create so-called "airbag" for unforeseen situations. This bag contains...
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    Rubber for varnishing. Cutting technology and cutting plotter.

    Its very. Very-very-very expensive and flexo was one of the previvous steps. It is not a solution. My Middle Age "technologies" is better by all money costs — plates and work.
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    Rubber for varnishing. Cutting technology and cutting plotter.

    Hello, colleagues. With the development of production and with increasing requirements (the tolerance is no longer 1 mm, but 0.5 mm for many cases) for applying varnish, I began to switch to new types of rubber for this varnish. And if earlier the printer did cut out the necessary places (glue...
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    Do I need Indesign?

    INDD is just a tool. Very powerful and very expensive. Its only for you to decide what exactly do you want to use (and pay for it) — Adobe software, Corel (hmm..), Scribus (freeware, someone uses).
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    "Waves" in the book pages.

    Hello! Some moments: 1. Did you ever work with this type of paper and inks? 1.1 Is this paper certified by the manufacturer of your printing machine? The problem may be the incompatibility of this paper and the ink used in the work. In this case there is no solution. 2. Humidity. Was the...
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    Looking for cip3 software

    Cost of PressProfiler is GBP £5,500.00 and GBP £6,500.00. Very big cost to company, but. Guys is really good. Hello, Martin. Your advices and recommendations was very helpful. As the guys from PrepressUK, I also owe you a bottle of 40-years-old Scotch. .. Problem solved, thanks, colleagues.
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    Looking for cip3 software

    Hello, Martin. Thanks for your answers! As it was in 1999 — we scanned plates with 53,8 (or something like that) dpi to produce CIP3, I remember that with nostalgia. .. Hello, Joe! Thanks, I'll try that.
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    Standards Compliance

    Heh... If you want to grow up higher and higher as professionals and earn a good money — work correctly. If you don't — print out as many certificates as you want. There are almost 8 billion featherless bipeds on the planet, so you can find a buyer for any piece or pile of sh%t.
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    How to Pantone on colored papers?

    Hi! Usually, simple print on color printer with a paper color simulation helps me to take the first step. Digital printing, offset, wide-format? I say: "All experiments with unpredictable results are carried out for your money".
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    Looking for cip3 software

    Hello, colleagues! Thanks for your advices very much! Yes, now I'm negotiating the price. Very interesting, very easy and very... ""Heidelbergeous" software in the best sense of this "word". Talking about the price with them toо. I think, the price is higher than PPC because of external PDF...

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