Rubber for varnishing. Cutting technology and cutting plotter.


Hello, colleagues.
With the development of production and with increasing requirements (the tolerance is no longer 1 mm, but 0.5 mm for many cases) for applying varnish, I began to switch to new types of rubber for this varnish.
And if earlier the printer did cut out the necessary places (glue valves, production dates) with a scalpel according to special marks, now this accuracy is unacceptable and I need to use a cutting plotter.

Of course, this option is much more convenient — cutting takes not 1-1. 5 hours, but 40 minutes. Calculate the compression ratio, prepare the file for cutting and make samples — about 4 hours. And if the work of the designer to prepare the file is quite acceptable, then the most effective dances with a tambourine take both the designer and the print technologist out of the workflow.

If the rubber of some suppliers I normally cut out, then switching to a more economical option, I was faced with the fact that the base of the rubber is more slippery than the rubber.
Accordingly, when the knife is pressed against the rubber, the control head does not slide enough and it is necessary to lubricate the rubber with a special lubricant. and since I am engaged in packaging for food production, this lubricant is also quite expensive and ordinary silicone can not do.
In addition, part of the control head sticks to this rubber and I have to seal it with sticky tape.

In my work, I use the Valiani Mat pro cmc iX plotter, whose design features also create problems: for example, the heads that press the rubber to the table do not allow me to make a cut closer than 24 mm. I often need a minimum of 5 mm.

I'm tired of this Middle Ages with lubricants, sticky tapes and other... handjobs.
My questios is — who, how and with what does such things?
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High quality from inkjet plotter to make film negative, then expose in vacuum frame and wet process, to make a flexo type photopolymer relief plate.


Its very. Very-very-very expensive and flexo was one of the previvous steps. It is not a solution. My Middle Age "technologies" is better by all money costs — plates and work.

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What about Profitability?
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