Xeikon Launches "TRANSFORM.com" For Labels


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In advance of Labelexpo Europe 2019—September 24 to 27—Xeikon is getting potential & current label converters ready for the event with the launch of its TRANSFORM advisory tool. Using their transform.xeikon.com website, visitors can get advice from Xeikon’s 30-years of experience in full-color digital label printing, and gain insight into the ideal digital set-up for their own business. Visitors need only answer 5-simple questions related to their own business.

In addition to this new website, 3-popular digital printing configurations will also be showcased live at Labelexpo Europe:
  1. The Label Discovery Package: entry-level solution—addresses 90% of end-user label applications & for any business looking to produce a single, 1000 meter run of labels per day—an entry-level solution. Consisting of a Xeikon 3030 digital label press and a Xeikon entry Dcoat digital converting line with varnish, semi rotary die-cutting and rewind. This solution—according to the company—provides the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the entry-level market. The ability to operate both full color & full color+white for the higher-value markets using clear or metallic substrates.
  2. The Xeikon CX500: high-end food & wine label printing solution—is for label converters looking to take the next step into digital, tapping into new applications and products.
    1. Using advanced technology, web width and print speed, the CX500 digital press delivers high-quality & productivity full-color+white jobs, for large sized labels and long-runs with multiple versions.
    2. Dry toner offers the highest levels for food safety, and Xeikon’s QB-toner has been specifically designed for food labels—taking upcoming regulations into account.
    3. The CX500 also prints on natural papers, typically used for wine and spirits.
  3. The Xeikon PX3000: health & beauty and high performance durable label printing solution—The PX3000 showcases Xeikon’s UV inkjet Panther technology for health & beauty, premium beer, industrial, and household chemicals applications.
    1. The Panther gives a glossy look & feel—sought after in health, beauty & premium beer labels.
    2. New HAPTIC printing provides a unique tactile print feel, without the need for special tools or setup.
Use the link to check out their new website tool.


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