Xeikon adds Two New Entry-level Label Presses


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Xeikon America has announced the addition of two new digital label presses targeted to label printers operating on middle capacity: 20,000-40,000 m2 or 30,000-55,000 MSI in all end-use segments. The presses target the pharmaceutical, food, wine and spirit label sectors. A snapshot of the Xeikon CX30 & Xeikon CX50:
  • The CX30 & CX50 fit into the Xeikon lineup between the 3030 REX & 3050 REX entry-level presses, and the higher-end CX300 & CX500.
  • Both presses are 6th generation, CHEETAH 2.0 technology with new generation interfaces & cloud connections.
  • The CX30 & CX50 are middle capacity presses that can be upgraded on site:
    • From 20mpm (65ft/min) to 30mpm (98ft/min) with the CX300 or CX500;
    • For greater width, the CX30 (330mm or 13”) can be upgraded to the CX50 (520mm or 20.47”) or the CX500.
Online demonstrations from Xeikon’s Global Innovation Center in Antwerp, Belgium, and commercially available worldwide in Q1-2021.


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