2022 Ben Franklin Honor Society Inductees Announced


Staff member
PRINTING United Alliance has announced 9-Industry notables who have been inducted into the prestigious Ben Franklin Honor Society (BFHS). The inductees were welcomed in a private virtual ceremony on 11/17/22.

BFHS recognizes & honors individuals who have made significant contributions to the advancement & betterment of the printing and graphic communications industry through meritorious service. 2022 Inductees of the BFHS are—
  • Christopher Bernat, Print Mannschaft
  • Paul Cousineau, Cousineau Consulting
  • Gary Field, Cal Poly University
  • Steve Johnson, Copresco
  • Charles “Pat” McBride, Envision Printing
  • Gerry Michael, GA Michael & Associates
  • Jeff Stoudt, The Printing Industry of the Carolinas
  • Jeff White, Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation
  • Trish Witkowski, FoldFactory.com.
More information about the BFHS can be found on the BFHS community page.


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