Adobe Integrates Electronic Signing Into Acrobat


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Adobe has introduced “Adobe Sign” for small business—delivering e-signature capabilities—tailored to the needs of small business users. Adobe Sign helps companies digitize legacy work that rely on signatures, like customer contracts, approvals, payments and invoices; and is now integrated into Acrobat Reader.

According to new research from Adobe, small business employees rank paper-based processes as a top impediment to running their business efficiently, with 75% reporting that they still physically sign documents. Using Adobe Sign, individuals are able to send up to 2-documents for e-signature each month, free of charge.

Users of Adobe Sign can signup customers directly from their website, letting customers sign & pay for services in a single step. Adobe Sign is integrated with Braintree—a PayPal service—facilitating easy collection of payments from customers as they fill out and sign a form.

Adobe Sign is available now, visit to update or download.


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Looks like Acrobat's "Fill & Sign" tool now uses "Adobe Sign" instead of being a distinct tool covered by a Creative Cloud/Document Cloud subscription? Kinda confusing.


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