Aleyant Integrates EFI-PrintSmith Vision & EFI-Pace with Pressero


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Aleyant Pressero—a highly customizable retail / business-to-business storefront—has announced the seamless integration with EFI PrintSmith Vision and EFI Pace print MIS solutions. This productive product integration is now available to all Pressero customers as part of their Integrated Services, facilitating integrated order-to-invoicing automation.

According to Aleyant, “Pace or PrintSmith Vision users simply need to turn on the API interface, set up appropriate login conditions, and map fields so information can pass back and forth, with full deployment, in a couple of days.”

With this integration in place, when an order or a change is received by Pressero, job entries are automatically generated into the EFI MIS system, speeding the job through production, capturing all relevant information and eliminating the potential for human error, common to manual data entry.

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According to Aleyant, “Pace or PrintSmith Vision users simply need to turn on the API interface...
We were charged like $10k by EFI to "turn on" the Pace API, so if you're a Pace user interested in this but don't have that aware. The price gouging never stops on the EFI train!

Happy to see Pressero expanding pre-built integrations though.

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