Seamless Shipping with Pressero / Parcelcast Integration


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Aleyant Pressero—web-to-print solution—and Parcelcast—cloud-based multicarrier shipping—are now fully-integrated. Parcelcast connects with all major shipping carriers, as well as more than 25 LTL freight carriers.

The integration enables companies to efficiently handle a large number of increasingly small orders that are being processed today. Order & production information is seamlessly transferred from Pressero to Parcelcast, allowing shipping personnel to quickly prepare orders. Once in the shipping department, staff can reconcile the shipment with the associated paperwork to ensure error-free shipping. All relevant data, including tracking information, is passed back to Pressero to close out the order and send a notification email—with a clickable tracking link—to the customer.

According to Aleyant President Greg Salzman, “We are pleased to be able to deliver a turnkey deployment that has the integration up-and-running in hours, not weeks or months.”

There is an educational webinar on May 30 at 11 AM CDT. Register for the webinar here.

There is also a YouTube demonstration video.

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