Agfa Introduces Amfortis: Workflow for Offset Package Printing


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Amfortis manages print quality & consistency—with a single user-interface—while streamlining prepress tasks, such as: design optimization, stepping & repeating, ripping and job management. According to Agfa, the new software functions as an integrated command center and is destined to become an on-ramp for commercial printers who are extending their capabilities into packaging services.

Amfortis combines multiple software tools into a single production workflow solution. It complements Agfa’s existing offering for offset packaging, which already includes printing plates and high-performing CtP systems, by:
  • Outputting printing plates,
  • Creating proofs,
  • Driving digital presses, wide-format printers, and cutting devices for sample & short-run production.
Amfortis also incorporates Agfa PressTune software, which oversees color consistency, smoother approvals and fast make-ready, with lower ink & paper usage. Globally available immediately. More information:

Agfa hosts a virtual event for Amfortis on June 17, 2021. To register, visit


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