Any IntelliTuneX users out there?


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Hi all,

We're considering IntelliTune X for our Newspaper & Magazine imaging workflow. Can anyone share their experiences?

Version X is the new PC-based version, whereas previous versions have been Mac based. Any feedback about the quality of IntelliTune's adjustments would be most welcome.



Jay Toler

Re: Any IntelliTuneX users out there?

We just completed the custom pofile for them to set the parameters for our system.
This included a press test.
They are still working on the package for use.


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Re: Any IntelliTuneX users out there?


I'd recommend assembling some test files you can give to Agfa. The trickiest thing for intellitune and other automatic-image optimizers are when the document is flattened due to transparencies. You may have different sections of an image split up. The shadows and highlights may be different on one image slice then another. This can sometimes make it difficult for the image to be toned consistently.

Did you plan on running individual photos through or outside advertising which typically comes in PDF format with text/vector/raster?


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Re: Any IntelliTuneX users out there?

We're mainly interested in running photos through it - high volume, good quality (not expecting excellent quality for newspaper pics).

I'd say we'd progress to PDF processing in the future, though.

Jay Toler

Re: Any IntelliTuneX users out there?


Finished the test for the ctp and press about a month ago
and using IntelliTuneX on all color pic and b&w`s with
great results. It saves alot of time.


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Re: Any IntelliTuneX users out there?


We are getting our first Web seminar of Intellitune tomorrow...I was curious how Intellitune was doing and if you had any other comments or concerns so far?


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Re: Any IntelliTuneX users out there?

I have a customer who uses it quite extensively for various publications as part of the Gradual SWITCH workflow. They're quite happy with the results that they've been getting for about a year now.


Re: Any IntelliTuneX users out there?

We have also just purchased the inelllitune, although the Mac version. I asked about the pc version, but Rich Vitale from agfa said that there haven't been and installs yet, and the two are identical, aside from the look of the interface. It stands to reason that they should both be the same, but I don't have an opinion yet. Watched the webinar, printed the fingerprint sheet for the press, and have our install (training) scheduled for mid January....
If anyone has any specific issues, please let me know.

As far as the flattenning goes, good point, but we are in the process of upgrading to Apogee X 4, and it includes the pdf print engine. This should deal with the flattening issue, as we can come out of the workflow flattened to intellitune for processing and then back in to the workflow to finish.

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